Help us take on the divisive hate campaigns of the Sun, Daily Mail and Daily Express by persuading advertisers to pull their support.

What does Stop Funding Hate stand for?

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press

We fully support freedom of expression, and freedom of the press, as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Freedom of choice

We believe people have the right to make choices based on the values of companies they may purchase from – and to speak out when something doesn’t sit right.


We stick to our core issue of opposing hatred, discrimination and demonisation. We don’t take sides in political debates.


We are open to people of all backgrounds and affiliations who share our aims.


We are against all demonisation and hate speech, whatever the motivation and whoever the target.


Our campaign is grounded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Everything we do is consistent with those principles.

What’s the story behind this campaign?

The Stop Funding Hate campaign aims to tackle the culture of hate, demonisation and division that is poisoning our political discourse.

It was started by an online community horrified by the upsurge in media hate speech that accompanied the referendum.

In the space of a few days, Stop Funding Hate was transformed from being a small online discussion to a public campaign supported by tens of thousands.

Over 40,000 people have now signed our petition calling for Virgin Media to withdraw its advertising from the Sun newspaper. Our campaign video has been viewed more than 5 million times.

The scale of this response has taken us all by surprise. But we think it also highlights the deep and widespread public concern about UK media hate speech, and the effect that this is having on our society.

And we know that these concerns are also shared internationally. Last year the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights raised concerns about the “vicious verbal assault on migrants and asylum seekers in the UK tabloid press”, which he said followed “decades of sustained and unrestrained anti-foreigner abuse, misinformation and distortion”:

The Facebook page and online petitions were set up by Richard Wilson, a writer and campaigner who is on Twitter here:

What about freedom of expression?

This campaign supports all of the freedoms outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We fully support freedom of expression and believe that a free press plays a vital role in a democratic society. We also know that the role of the government in tackling hate speech is a contentious issue and believe that there are good reasons for treading carefully in that area.

So we are not proposing any government action beyond the laws that already exist on incitement to racial hatred.

But just as we wouldn’t want our money being used to help fund the BNP or Britain First (even though we aren’t advocating that those organisations be banned), we don’t want our cash to help finance the Sun, Daily Express and Daily Mail’s hate campaigns.

As consumers, we also have the right to express our views – and to ask the companies we shop with to stand with us on this issue.