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Co-op members can now vote on responsible advertising

Online voting is open from 20 April until 12pm on 14 May. If you’re a member, you can vote now for the responsible advertising motion. The next few weeks will be crucial to passing the motion. It’s likely that 90% of votes will be cast online, ahead of the Co-op AGM on 19 May.

How you can help:

1. If you’re a member and eligible to vote, please vote for the motion. If you received your voting pack by email, you’ll need to follow the link included. If you received it by post, you can go straight there and input your security details.

2. Please let us know you’ve voted by filling in this quick form.

3. Please share you’ve voted on Twitter and Facebook.

4. Please join our Co-op members email list to get the latest updates and information on how you can help get out the vote.

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Why is this vote important?

Experts have warned that the hate in some of our biggest newspapers has fuelled a surge in hate crime on our streets. Amid growing public concern, more and more companies are thinking about the ethics of where they are advertising.

The Co-op is a major advertiser in the Daily Mail, Sun and Daily Express – but they also recognise that some stories have been “incompatible with our values”. They have committed to reviewing their advertising, and say that they are engaging with these papers to raise concerns about their coverage.

Our motion simply asks the Co-op to report back to members on that engagement – and implement an ethical advertising policy if they are unable to demonstrate an impact.

Stop Funding Hate has never advocated for any advertiser to lean directly on a newspaper over its coverage – but we recognise that the Co-op’s policies are ultimately a matter for its members.

Why the Co-op?

The Co-op is one of the UK’s leading ethical brands. The company has a proud history of supporting ethical campaigns like Fair Trade, and the struggle against apartheid in South Africa.

By applying an ethical approach to its advertising, the Co-op will continue that proud tradition, and set an example for others to follow.

Every brand that commits to ethical advertising takes us one step closer to a media free from hatred and discrimination: If enough companies advertise ethically, then publishing stories which spread hate against minority groups will simply become unprofitable.