ETA Insurance backs Stop Funding Hate and commits to ethical advertising

The insurance and breakdown cover provider ETA has publicly committed to advertising ethically – and is backing the Stop Funding Hate campaign.

In a statement published on its website, ETA said:

“We are proud to support the Stop Funding Hate campaign… As a company we are committed to advertising ethically. We are the first UK insurance company to make a public commitment not to advertise in the Sun, Daily Mail or Daily Express”.

The announcement came after a Stop Funding Hate supporter made contact with ETA to enquire about their advertising policy.

A number of insurers and breakdown cover providers – including both the AA and the RAC – have regularly advertised in the Daily Mail, Express or the Sun.

By being the first UK insurance company to publicly commit to ethical advertising – an emerging issue within corporate social responsibility – ETA have confirmed their status as a leader in business ethics.   

Earlier this year ETA were named as Britain’s most ethical insurance company by the Good Shopping Guide.