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Which companies don’t advertise in the Daily Mail, Sun or Daily Express?


The mobile and broadband provider Phone Co-op was the first UK company to make a public commitment about the Sun, Daily Mail and Daily Express, stating that:

“The Phone Co-op has never advertised in any of those publications and we have no plans to do so. In line with our values, the bulk of our advertising is done with our affinity partners which are mainly charities and other social change organisations.”

The Phone Co-op is a consumer-owned co-operative authorised to use Co-operative branding – but is entirely separate from the Co-op Group. Ethical Consumer magazine have recommended them as a “Best Buy” within the telecoms sector.

Following concerns from customers, Smarty Mobile decided to remove the Mail Online from their online ad buying.

Banking and Insurance

Triodos Bank have confirmed to Stop Funding Hate that they do not advertise in the Sun, Daily Mail or Daily Express, in print or online.

ETA Services provide both insurance and breakdown cover. They have made a public commitment to ethical advertising, stating that:

“We are proud to support the Stop Funding Hate campaign… As a company we are committed to advertising ethically. We are the first UK insurance company to make a public commitment not to advertise in the Sun, Daily Mail or Daily Express”.

In 2017 ETA were named as Britain’s most ethical insurance company by the Good Shopping Guide.

Body Shop, Lego and Thread tweets


Lego announced last year that they had ended their partnership with the Daily Mail “and are not planning any future promotional activity with the newspaper”.

The Ethical Shop is run by the New Internationalist, who have endorsed Stop Funding Hate, and have given us this statement:

“The New Internationalist fully supports Stop Funding Hate – one of the most exciting campaigns around. In promoting our publications, which make sense of this complex world, and our ethical product range, we have never stooped to advertising with media that runs counter to our values by dividing our communities and stoking fear.”

Thread committed to not advertising in the Sun, Mail or Express with this tweet:

“Proud to say we’ve joined the @StopFundingHate campaign and cut all advertising spend on newspapers that use divisive sensationalism”.

Online retailer Bellroy have told us that they have blocked their advertising from appearing on the Sun Online.

The Body Shop have stopped advertising in the Daily Mail, telling Buzzfeed that:

“We have always supported human rights – it is part of our ‘enrich not exploit commitment’ – and when an editorial stance seems to go against that Commitment, we consider seriously whether we will support it.”

Ethical Superstore have stated on Twitter that “we do not advertise in those publications” and have made this statement to Stop Funding Hate:

“Ethical Superstore fully supports the Stop Funding Hate Campaign, we pick our advertising partners carefully to ensure they do not conflict with our ethics and values, and do promote a positive message. We do not advertise in the Sun, Daily Mail or Daily Express newspapers or on their websites.”

Vision Express have stated – following an enquiry from a Stop Funding Hate supporter – that “We advertise on TV & media channels other than press”.

Fashion retailer JOY have announced that they are ending online advertising with the Daily Mail and Daily Express. In a series of tweets, JOY said:

It was recently brought to our attention by @StopFundingHate that our ads were appearing next to transphobic and racist articles… JOY is a brand that pride themselves on diversity and inclusion, and we would never want to associate ourselves with these viewpoints. From now on we will be monitoring our ad placements much more closely…

Evans Cycles has blacklisted the Sun, Daily Mail and Daily Express from its online advertising after Stop Funding Hate supporters highlighted that its ads had appeared on a series of inflammatory articles. Evans stated that “Needless to say, the content highlighted on these outlets go against our core values as a business. We’re all for #StartSpreadingLove.”

Lush have confirmed that they do not advertise in the Daily Mail, Sun or Daily Express.

Stationery shop Paperchase apologised after running a promotion in the Daily Mail and have committed to not do so in the future.



Following an enquiry from a Stop Funding Hate supporter, online supermarket Ocado stated on Twitter in November 2017: “We can confirm that we aren’t currently doing any press advertising”. They added: “while we don’t have a formal policy we will commit to continually reviewing our media partners for their ethics and quality”.

Organic food retailer Abel and Cole have confirmed on Twitter that they don’t advertise with the Daily Mail, Sun or Express.

Ethical food retailers Riverford have also said that “we don’t currently advertise in any of those papers”.

Food delivery service Farmdrop have blocked the Daily Mail, Sun and Express websites for their online advertising campaigns.


Go Animate is an online platform making it easy for people to make animated videos. In July 2017 they were made aware that their ads were appearing on Breitbart through the Facebook advertising network, and they immediately took action. They then got in touch with Stop Funding Hate to make sure their ads were also not appearing on the Daily Mail, Sun or Daily Express


Ecotricity – who aim to be Britain’s greenest energy company – have told Stop Funding Hate that they are “big fans” of the campaign. They say that they do not advertise in the Sun, Daily Mail or Daily Express, and have never done so.

Renewable energy company Good Energy have confirmed that they do not advertise in the Daily Mail, or Daily Express, following an enquiry from a Stop Funding Hate supporter. The company say that “we actively choose not to run ads in those publications and have no plans to do so in the future” and that “Our policy is not run in any titles that advocate inappropriate messaging to ensure our advertising fits with our ethic & brand”.

Green Energy UK have confirmed they do not advertise in the Daily Mail, Sun or Daily Express.

Bulb Energy have never advertised in the Mail, Sun or Express and have said that “the ethics of advertising in one place or another will certainly feature heavily in our planning discussions”.

People’s Energy have also committed to advertising ethically.

Good Energy have confirmed they “choose not to run ads in those [the Mail, Sun and Express] and have no plans to do so in the future.


Said Business School at Oxford University have confirmed to Stop Funding Hate that they have blocked the Sun online.

Derby University confirmed on Twitter that they have blocked the Mail Online from their ad buying.

Makers Academy have excluded the Mail Online from their programmatic advertising, stating “They’ve been added to our list of excluded domains. Thanks for the initial heads up on this.”

Southbank Centre tweets

Leisure and Culture

The Southbank Centre has confirmed that is has “no future plans to advertise within the Daily Mail”. They appeared in a print edition of the paper which included an article with the headline “Please don’t tell me two dads is the new normal” in February 2018.

Center Parcs also responded to the article, stating: “We take where we advertise very seriously and have a number of steps to prevent our advertising from appearing alongside inappropriate content. We felt this placement was completely unacceptable and therefore ceased advertising with the Daily Mail with immediate effect.”

LGBT+ theatre, Above The Stag, also responded, saying “This is hugely upsetting…we never directly or intentionally advertise with the Mail, let alone alongside this sort of piece.”

Woodland conservation charity, The Woodland Trust, confirmed on Twitter that they decided in December 2017 to no longer advertise in the Daily Mail in print, and that they have now also blocked the Mail Online from their online ad buying.

Sadlers Wells theatre has also decided to stop advertising on the Mail Online, and confirmed they have no plans to advertise with the paper at all in the future.

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If you own or work for a company and want to make sure you’re not funding hate, you can block online ads for the Sun, Daily Mail and Express. You can either speak to your media agency or use these instructions to block them through the Google Display Network. You can also block through Facebook Audience Network using their guide.